Thursday, 31 May 2012

The 160th Poem Of Mine On

I have written one hundred and sixty poems on I think back on what I have done on that site. I hope people will love to read my poems because I write them with clear visions and mind. I just want to make people happy and well being.

When they feel depressed, my poems will serve for them. They just read them, and inspire again. I also want them to know about love and it's feeling, I just write love poems. I think love is a sensible thing which is a bit complicated one to explain. But, it exists in everyone's mind. 

When I want people to feel happy, I write funny poems. I think I have a talent in this content because I want to crack a joke whenever I meet my friends. I always try to tell jokes whenever I have a chance. But, sometimes, I feel sorry, or depressed, then, I try my hand at sad poems to please my agony.

I try to portray my proses or poems with my own illustration which becomes my other passion, apart from writing. I just to compose and illustrate them. I try to identify myself because my "self" is changing with time to time. Even my old friends think I am a writer, then, I become a illustrator; next time, I am a poet; again, a short story writer.

I can say writing is my passion. But, when time becomes matured, I want to try other artist field because I think my artistic talent grows up to some degree. I want to be myself. So, I try to write poems on where I find interesting, and fascinating. I feel really proud to be a part of this community, together with fellow poets, hoping to show their works to others. 

Now, I have written 160th poem of mine, but I will not stop; I will continue to move on and on, and on.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hoping to enter the world of literature with a determination and conviction

Writing is a noble profession which can give light to people. Like any other professions or careers it can be pursed. But, some do not like to do it for certain reasons.

Anyway, I have chosen the path which, I thought, is a true thing to tread. It is nothing but writing. I decided to live my life as a writer no matter what it takes.  I chose it with a determination and conviction. I believe it. I will write good proses or essays or short stories to entertain people who deserve good reading. 

In my vein, words are flowing like a stream. I cannot control their vigor and energy. They really want to express their prowess through my pen. I lose control of their liberty. They are dancing on papers, hoping to entertain their audience. It happens all the time. I cannot whet their appetite. So, I have to keep up with their paces.

Hoping to beautify the world with literary beauty, and creating a better place to live in, it is essential for a good writer to perform his duties no matter what it takes. Hope for a better world, and better place to live in.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Typical Myanmar Rural Scene With Toddy Palms, A Hay Sack, And A Hut

A Typical Myanmar Rural Scene With Toddy Palms, A Hay Sack, And A Hut

It is a common sight in a typical Myanmar rural scene which emits the atmosphere of serene and quietness. In a certain village, there can be seen a simple and honest Myanmar young boy whose hair is knotted no matter what they are doing.  It is their hairstyle to preserve the custom of a rural life. Anyway, it is good to see at them. They look carefree,and they seem to enjoy their life simply.

Nowadays, a bit change in their lifestyle has been occurred because of modern technology. They can enjoy modern entertainment equipment like TV or VCD, or DVD players which become a part of their daily chores. Though these changes, they can manage to maintain their old tradition and custom no matter what it takes.

A series of toddy palms trees lie along the entrance lane of the village.  Strolling along this lane at sunset will enrich one's life because the stroller can inhale the fresh air, and see the green paddy fields. He can marvel at the marvelous beauty of the simple nature.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bus and Bus Stop

This is the story of bus and bus stop. It is not a strange story, but it is interesting. People usually take a bus in the morning to go to work or when they come back from work, they also use this bus which becomes their daily companion. When they wait for their bus, they have to stay at the bus stop for a while. Sometimes, it takes time; sometimes, the bus they want readily comes to stop. That time, people hustle to get into it. It may be a part of their life to take a bus to their work. For some people who own their own cars do not need to worry about it. They just hop in their own cars and rush to their office on time. When the bus comes in, people's faces usually crack into smiles. It may be because of the expiry of expectation or they find their relief. It is the best time of their daily lives, it can say. Everyone seems to be happy at that precious moment. They just get in the bus and look for the place they can relax their bodies__near behind the driver's seat or the ones farther away from the front row. It can say the best spot for the bus ride will be the seat which lies at the back row. From there, one can see all the passengers properly, how they sit, how they chat, how they gaze out of the windows, what they are thinking. Sometimes, interesting faces or grimaces can be seen. At every bus stop the bus comes to a halt, people get in and get out continuously until they reach their destination, where they happily leave the bus and bus stop. That time, they do not need this bus and bus stop anymore. They might forget how they take this bus and how they spend their time at the bus stop. But, they do not seem to show any worries towards it. They seem to relax.