Thursday, 31 May 2012

The 160th Poem Of Mine On

I have written one hundred and sixty poems on I think back on what I have done on that site. I hope people will love to read my poems because I write them with clear visions and mind. I just want to make people happy and well being.

When they feel depressed, my poems will serve for them. They just read them, and inspire again. I also want them to know about love and it's feeling, I just write love poems. I think love is a sensible thing which is a bit complicated one to explain. But, it exists in everyone's mind. 

When I want people to feel happy, I write funny poems. I think I have a talent in this content because I want to crack a joke whenever I meet my friends. I always try to tell jokes whenever I have a chance. But, sometimes, I feel sorry, or depressed, then, I try my hand at sad poems to please my agony.

I try to portray my proses or poems with my own illustration which becomes my other passion, apart from writing. I just to compose and illustrate them. I try to identify myself because my "self" is changing with time to time. Even my old friends think I am a writer, then, I become a illustrator; next time, I am a poet; again, a short story writer.

I can say writing is my passion. But, when time becomes matured, I want to try other artist field because I think my artistic talent grows up to some degree. I want to be myself. So, I try to write poems on where I find interesting, and fascinating. I feel really proud to be a part of this community, together with fellow poets, hoping to show their works to others. 

Now, I have written 160th poem of mine, but I will not stop; I will continue to move on and on, and on.

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