Wednesday, 20 January 2016

An iSmart Bus Ride

An iSmart Bus Ride
Nowadays, riding a  bus is a bit different from ten years back. Those days are gone, an urbanite says if  he wants to live in a current age. Definitely, it is true that old buses have been replaced with new ones. That shows that urban people are enjoying new modes of transportation. But, some still have not got new ideas of riding them in a more comfortable ways as some buses are provided with air conditioning for the pleasant sensation for passengers. They might think that their lives have been improved as the way of life is changed.
Even some third pary company has been trying to introduce smart card which is a new way of payment system. Urbanites do not need to carry cash or dough, whatever they say,  the similar replica for money. It is true that it is really workable and practical for some experienced people who use them. But, for some it is a totall debacle.
Holding the card in hand and handing out it to the bus conductor seems like doing a luxuriant thing for people. They can be looked like how smart they are. It is true that people want to be really smart in this age of smart world.
The word "smart" is everywhere, from credit card, handset, etc to smart car, and smart house. Everyone and everything seem to embrace this word tenderly. We have to be smart to live in this world. It becomes a contemporary axiom.
Let's say a passenger gets in the bus. Normally, they usually hop in it from the side door. But, the new bus allows people to get in from the front door, and they have to get off from the side door. The getting in and getting out of a normal bus is easier and more habitual for city dwellers who are willing to do it.
Riding in a fully air-conditioned bus is not a hard thing to do. Just get in and sit relaxed. The conductor will come to you and ask for the card you're ready to thrush. They happily accept it and they will use their card reader box to retrieve bus fare from the card. After that, they will give it back to you. It is for normal people who have got knowledge about using the card.
Look at some other people, and how they respond to it. A passenger seems to look confused about using the card. He does not know how it works. He looks at other fellow passengers. He looks helpless, looking for someone who can help them. Definitely, no one seems to help him out of this trouble. The solution is really easy. But, he does not have much knowledge how to do it.
The conductor asks him whether he has got a card or not. He just zips up his mouth. He looks at him blankly. The conductor tells him that they just only accept "iPay" card, nothing else can be replaced it.
The word "iPay" seems a little bit strange to his ears. What's that? He asks himself. Simply he just shakes his head. Then, the bus conductor has realized that this pity fellow does not understand the meaning of "iPay".
"I mean that we do not accept money for bus ride, we accept "iPay card" only", lectures the bus conductor. " If you do not have the card, you need to get off at another bus stop, and find another bus to ride.
That is all. How wonderful it is! The fellow passenger has to imply it because he cannot find another way to solve it. Every passenger looks at him indifferently because they seem to be too relaxed on the coolness of the air-conditioning and the music the bus is now playing for them.
They are totally lost in the luxury of life.
Not so much long, they arrive at the bus stop. The urbanite exclaims, "What a crowd there!". People are trying to get in through the side door which is shut for its own reason. Some people hurriedly get in from the front door. In a few minutes, every seat in the bus is totally occupied by the passengers who are ready to enjoy the more comfortable, enjoyable, and smarter bus ride.
It will be their popular gossip among their neighbours when they reach at home or at their quarter. Then, people will show surprise and want to experience it because they also want to be smart and like to enjoy an iSmart bus ride.
 San Lin Tun

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