Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bus and Bus Stop

This is the story of bus and bus stop. It is not a strange story, but it is interesting. People usually take a bus in the morning to go to work or when they come back from work, they also use this bus which becomes their daily companion. When they wait for their bus, they have to stay at the bus stop for a while. Sometimes, it takes time; sometimes, the bus they want readily comes to stop. That time, people hustle to get into it. It may be a part of their life to take a bus to their work. For some people who own their own cars do not need to worry about it. They just hop in their own cars and rush to their office on time. When the bus comes in, people's faces usually crack into smiles. It may be because of the expiry of expectation or they find their relief. It is the best time of their daily lives, it can say. Everyone seems to be happy at that precious moment. They just get in the bus and look for the place they can relax their bodies__near behind the driver's seat or the ones farther away from the front row. It can say the best spot for the bus ride will be the seat which lies at the back row. From there, one can see all the passengers properly, how they sit, how they chat, how they gaze out of the windows, what they are thinking. Sometimes, interesting faces or grimaces can be seen. At every bus stop the bus comes to a halt, people get in and get out continuously until they reach their destination, where they happily leave the bus and bus stop. That time, they do not need this bus and bus stop anymore. They might forget how they take this bus and how they spend their time at the bus stop. But, they do not seem to show any worries towards it. They seem to relax.


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