Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hoping to enter the world of literature with a determination and conviction

Writing is a noble profession which can give light to people. Like any other professions or careers it can be pursed. But, some do not like to do it for certain reasons.

Anyway, I have chosen the path which, I thought, is a true thing to tread. It is nothing but writing. I decided to live my life as a writer no matter what it takes.  I chose it with a determination and conviction. I believe it. I will write good proses or essays or short stories to entertain people who deserve good reading. 

In my vein, words are flowing like a stream. I cannot control their vigor and energy. They really want to express their prowess through my pen. I lose control of their liberty. They are dancing on papers, hoping to entertain their audience. It happens all the time. I cannot whet their appetite. So, I have to keep up with their paces.

Hoping to beautify the world with literary beauty, and creating a better place to live in, it is essential for a good writer to perform his duties no matter what it takes. Hope for a better world, and better place to live in.

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