Monday, 23 November 2015

Red Dragon: The Award-winning poem of 2015 Wales National Day

Red Dragon
Oh! The glorious spirits of heroes!
Awake! And convey and transmit
Your bravery into my heart.
As dauntless as the heart of the red dragon
I do want to be turned into.

The red words as the volume of strength
Stand on my heart grandly,
With no sign of flinch towards enemies,
Blazing with the glory of daring
Will I be adorned with the trophy.

As a Welsh,
I adore the truth, and worship gallantry,
As steadfast, alert, and penetrating
As the red dragon,

We have created our future
With the power of bravery.

Our dream has come true.

This is our victorious flag,
This is our state,
This is our victory,
This is our light.

The legend says that the red dragon
Defeated bravely the white dragon.

He is our leader.
He is our heart.
He is our torch light.
He is our blood.
He is our victorious flower.
He is our brave painting.
He is our resistance sword.

He is full of strength, and powerful
And set down the long lasting tradtion
more than a hundred years,
It will be existed in our hearts
for thousand years for freedom and the truth.

Oh! Convince it.
The victorious red dragon.
                                                            San Lin Tun 
                                                                (The first prize winner of poetry 
                                                                 for 2015 Wales National Day)

(It is the translation of the award-winning poem for 2015 Wales National Day.)

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